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Best Pubg headshot quotes 2021

Best Pubg headshot quotes 2021

Best Pubg headshot quotes - It is not difficult to hit the headshot for Pro Player, we are providing you by collecting PUBG Quotes.

Friends, if you are a PUBG Player, you probably know about headshots. We play PUBG with friends and have fun with friends too. A pro player is identified by a headshot.

Best Pubg headshot quotes 2021

Best Pubg headshot quotes 2021

Here are 50+ PUBG Headshot quotes as Bellow

  1. Kissing your forehead and giving Enemy a headshot, I think the same.
  2. To kill Enemy, I hit the head.
  3. Whether wearing a helmet or not, the bullet hits the head.
  4. Today we are talking about headshot tomorrow before we were king.
  5. How nice to have a hat on your head.
  6. You know what happens when an AWM bullet hits a helmet.
  7. Bring a sniper with me, shower the headshot.
  8. I am the only person in my team who does not allow M24 to touch anyone.
  9. Gold friends do not bathe in the head so as not to call others crazy.
  10. That's how I hit Enemy on the head, today is the hospital tomorrow.
  11. I don't need a hundred pills, I have enough of AWM.
  12. I see what a headshot is.
  13. A dead enemy who eats a headshot shoots bamboo in heaven.
  14. Your body has no function because the head is good.
  15. A bullet is as powerful as a helmet.
  16. Grab M24 and just stare at your head.
  17. One bullet is enough to knock you out.
  18. Hold AWM in one hand and apply 8x with the other hand.
  19. Think when you go to RUSH with AWM and.
  20. The amazing headshot of the 6x and m416 is known to anyone.
  21. I am a noob, king of headshot, so I am AWM's Pro.
  22. I hit the wheel with a sniper from behind.
  23. Look boy, the only trick of Pro Player is to hit the headshot.

Best Pubg headshot quotes 2021

The noob hits the body, the pro hits the head.
Haha, I hit Enemy on the head.
Don't even laugh so much that it spoils my aim.
The one who can see in my eyes is my PUBG Partner.
Gulf Hanne doesn't hit our headshot.
PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes 2021

PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes 2021

PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes  - You have become a PUBG Player, so Blood Holi is played in Pubg. If you are also a Pubg Player, you must enjoy Holi in Pubg.

Friends, PUBG Mobile is a game that anyone likes. I am one of them. I also want to play Pubg with my friends on PUBG.

PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes 2021

PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes 

Did you know You are here for PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes? You can share the following Pubg Quotes with your friends.

PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes 2021

1. As everyone knows, I will also bring the color of Holi to PUBG.

2. Holi is then played on Pubg by shedding Enemy's blood.

3. We are all the same, who love Pubg.

4. The color red is when we kill an enemy.

5. Come on Pochinki if friends are playing Holi.

6. Airdrop comes and leaves the color.

7. I would like to say one thing, that we run not only Goli but also Holi.

8. No matter how many enemies there are, the gun turns red.

9. Holi of 2021, should be rejoiced, shot by Haner.

10. We play Holi with color by playing with blood.

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Best PUBG Mobile Season 17 Quotes 2021

Best PUBG Mobile Season 17 Quotes 2021

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Quotes - Looking back, PUBG Mobile has started from Season 1 and reached Season 17 today. PUBG Mobile has become an interesting game for many and its importance has also increased a lot. Friends, you have come to our Blog Post for Best PUBG Mobile Season 17 Quotes.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We started playing from Season 8, now we have entered Season 17. Here we have brought some PUBG Mobile Season 17 Quotes Collection. If you are a PUBG Lover, these Quotes will make you very happy.

Best PUBG Mobile Season 17 Quotes 2021

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Quotes

Here we tell you a lot about PUBG Mobile Quotes. With the advent of the season, information about the Royal Pass Mission is increasing. If friends play PUBG Mobile, you are a PUBG Lover. In any case, you should not leave PUBG. I also play PUBG. We have provided Quotes, Shayari, Status for PUBG Mobile Season 17 today.

20+ Best PUBG Mobile Quotes 2021

1. Keep putting up walls, because often the enemy looks at you without a cover.

2. You know how far I can run.

3. No matter how many updates of Pubg, don't log.

4. Mobile Storage is Dude, How to Update.

5. Happy Season 17 to all.

6. Kd should maintain mate, in Season 17.

7. Maybe the enemy doesn't know that their mobile lags.

8. Pro Player of Season 16, Noob in this Season.

9. Work hard friends, sure eat chicken dinner.

10. Nothing happens by speaking outside. Friend, you have to speak Gun inside the game.

11. Everything happens not only in Fire, some tricks should also be in mind.

12. Not always the same trick, so I'm learning to use a pistol.

13. the Last Zone is harder than AWM.

14. Mobile is small, big is my game.

15. Often the enemy is mad.

16. The fun of playing PUBG with your girlfriend is different.

17. No matter how much the season has changed, my game has not changed.

18. Noob player is the one who plays alone.

19. There is strength in unity, which is learned from PUBG.

20. It was also seen that after death, they would plunder on their own.

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Best 50+ Pubg quotes 2021 | Pubg Mobile Quotes

Best 50+ Pubg quotes 2021 | Pubg Mobile Quotes

 Pubg quotes - Here you can find information about 50+ Pubg Quotes, Free Pubg Mobile Quotes and PUBG Related.  PUBG Quotes Winning Quotes Pro Plyer Never die, Whether it is PUBG MOBILE or any Game. Never heart Noob who Has AWM on PUBG.

Best 50+ Pubg quotes 2021 | Pubg Mobile Quotes

Best 50+ Pubg quotes 

Yas Articles Vitra PUBG Ko laagi Funny, Attitude, Quotes and Sayari Paauna Sakine chha. aaja hamile tapaiko laagi 50+ Pubg Quotes upalabda garaune jamarko gareka chhau. tala diyakaa Pubg Quotes rahene chha. Facebook ko laagi Best Attitude Status Nepali Read Garna Saknu hunechha.

My favorite gun is AKM.

Couldn't get along with you but nothing, PUBG has given with you.

Don't talk too much attitude, when you were playing Squad, I used to play Slow vs Squad.

Those who consider themselves heroes by killing 2/4 bots, let's play 1 vs 1 game.

Pochinki is my base, not yours.

I also look cute in Pubg.

King of AWM, feed me lunch today.

  • You are the only one in life, don't betray me.
  • You die for me, I die for PUBG.
  • My love is as strong as AKM.
  • I like your Boom, which can kill Squad.
  • If possible, call it Pro, otherwise, you have no right to say Noob.
  • PUBG players should eat a lot of vegetables.
  • I would rather come than come.

Your eyes look like 8x to me.

Neither girlfriend nor family comes to the game, only friends are remembered in the game.

I don't know what the world says, but my friend tells me Pro.

Remember brother, when I was in gold I was in Diamond.

Looking for a girlfriend to play PUBG. 

Someone give me a review.

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Best PUBG Quotes in Hindi 2020

Best PUBG Quotes in Hindi 2020

Hindi Best PUBG Quotes In Hindi Read Garna Saknu Hunchha. BestPUBG Quotes in Hindi 2020, Mai Collection Kiya hai, Kese Ho Pro, or Noob Pubg Player. Kya aap Best PUBG Quotes in Hindi Search kiya hai. 

Best PUBG Quotes in Hindi 2020

PUBG Quotes in Hindi

Mujhe yasa lagta hai ki, agar mera vi ek Friends hota jo, Bolta Aaja PUBG kheltya hai. Kesa maja aataa Aaphka kohi hai jo yasa bolta hai. Mera Friends bolta hai, Best PUBG Quotes in Hindi Provide kiya hai. Apko pasan Aayagi. 

Ab to Tuhi hai mera Sahara, PUBG Mobile, Tu hi hai mera Yara, Aaj lekhne jarahu tera Ejat ek Panama. to guys You can Read Funny PUBG Quotes are you want? Ap Motivational Quotes vi Read Karsakte hai.

  • I think your father in PUBG.
  • Asia Server was eaten by your Salman brother.
  • Rush or Crush is a lot of fun.
  • My name doesn't appear in any heroes, your brother's name appears in Pubg's kill fit.
  • Whatever I do to get you, why don't I have to sell my kidney?
  • Pubg Mobile is not for free fire.
  • I gave everything to you, now I have survived.
  • I'm wearing a level 3 helmet, not a pair.

  1. Kya kare Batado, jaba Snake ka Baap Hai To.
  2. Hum tere liya khelta hu, Siknekeliya nahi.
  3. Jitna Skill tha utna lagaya, But Chicken Dinner nahi paya.
  4. Aaphto Pro Player hai bolatha, Sala Margaya.
  5. Dynamo ka fan aaya mero squad mai, Chicken dinner miss karadiya.
  6. Luch yasa kar kamal, ki mai chicken dinner khajau.
  7. dilme jor nahi lagana, PUBG Quotes in Hindi  kyuki Jor to hum Banduk pe lagate hai.

Kavi tum sath nahi thya kami, hum sath nahi thya.

jispe hukumat chalate they, uhi jindagime nahi raha.

tum sath dedo hum duniya badal dinge.

KabhI yasa lagta hai ki, mai enemy ko maarnahi paaunga.

Hum Hindustani hai, Kunai chijse darte nahi.

Hum se panga nahi lena, kiuki hum tumara Kaka hai.

Bachpan se ek ego hai, kisiko Apne haat se nahi marna.

PUBG ke king mai hu, tum Queen.

killer Queen sang Pubg khelne vaneko.

jasma ma king rahane garxu, tesma timi paila naTeka.

mero country maa, aayau vane foot sound sunihalchhu.

Kyu mujhe yasa lagkta hai kI, tum meri hau.

marna to hamari aadat hogai, tumare pyar ki duwa laggai.

Pubg ka baap hai hum, tum jeso ko sabak sikainge.


  • Kill kar nahi saktaa, magar LD maintain garna aauchha.
  • kaphi gum kafi malam, malai revive garne laai Salam.
  • Kuch tum bolo kuch hum bolinge, Sab kuch Aakhri dam par tumari rahinge.
  • Pubg wale hai hum, kisise Darte nahi.
  • kuch karna hai to aage Badho.

  1. tum or hum ek hi hai, PUBG Quotes in Hindi  magar tum ladki hau.
  2. din ra raat pubg ko saath, khan buljatahu bhat.
  3. Kiska hai ae gun, enemy aaya hai Run Beta Run.
  4. Kuch log yase hote haI ki, KD k chakarmai Game har jatehai.
  5. Squad ki phikar karnewaala, kafi nahi girtaa.
  6. tum Pubg ke badsa hai to mai, pubg ka king.

PUBG Quotes in Hindi

  • Swar ma Swar milana parega, gun mai Bullet Dalna parega.
  • Din kharab hola tara raat mai to Hum Sher hai.
  • Meri Squad ko marega tu, teri baski bat nahi hai tera baapko bola.
  • Kyu tumhe Samajh nahi aata, Jaja sambo mata.
  • Pubg ka Baap to Hum hai, Tum Hamara Bachcha.
  • M416 ka spray or Uzi kaa Close Kaphi Chukta nahi.
  • Sab log boltehai ki tumara Squad Khelnahi sakta, Hum chicken khilate hai khelthya nahi.
  • Milne keliya aajana vai Jinda rehana chatahai to.

kuch Yasa khel jis khelmai mai aaphko king banasaku.

Fully Support chahiya, Taba mai puri server khaugaa.

Kyu hamesa Mere Mereko satate ho.

Jisko Marna hai, Yaha aajau mai dekhlunga. 

Jisme Fight naho Tyo loby exit kardete hai.

Player jitnavi Pro hai, utna Vi Noob hotahai.

  • Jitna tu sochta hai, utna mai kar dekhata hu.
  • Kabhi tu marega to meraa vi akhamai aasu aayaga.
  • jis galise tu hidtahai, Us gali mai hum Mutte hai.
  • tum log mujhe noob kehai te hona, uhi noob tumko revive karta hai.